Glen Mathes

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
senior high school, first year extra fun any 15-20 mins. Four lists of questions

1. Divide students into two teams. Choose a manager for each team. Tell students to name their teams. (They will often think of very strange names like "The Homo-Sapiens" or "Monkey Dictionaries". I personally think the Utsunomiya Homo Sapiens is a better name for a team than the Kintetsu Buffaloes but...)

2. Draw a baseball diamond on the blackboard.

3. Batter chooses question he/she wants. Single: very easy Double: easy Triple: harder Home Run: hard

4. If student answers correctly, tell them to choose the next batter. If they answer wrong, give the ball to the other team. Only one "out" so the other team does not sit too long. (To make sure the other team is listening, you can ask the same question team 1 just answered incorrectly.)

5. Keep playing as long as you want, switching teams often to keep students busy and listening.

(Hints: Of course most students will choose the very easy questions. However, as they begin scoring runs, they usually become very competitive and start choosing home runs. If one team is answering many questions, ask a hard question to give control to the other team. This will keep both sides active.)

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