Can Quiz
Ed Edgar

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junior high school grammar review can, can't 15 mins question list(s)

The first part of this is just a listening quiz, and the second is copied off some TV program or other. I mostly use it as a warm-up or warm-down team game, but it would work well coupled with Gambling. I have all the teams give their answers and give a point to every team that gets it right. I got these answers from a bunch of random internet sites, so I can't guarantee their veracity.

  1. Can goldfish remember yesterday?
    No, they forget everything after 5 seconds.
  2. Can elephants jump?
  3. Can Eskimos make fire with ice?
    Yes. They melt a block in their hands and make a lens to focus the sun's rays.
  4. Can cows play golf?
    No, stupid. They don't have opposable thumbs so they can't hold the clubs.
  5. Can birds count to ten?
    No, they can only count to five.
  6. Can some frogs fly?
    Yes, they can glide from trees with big webbed feet.

  7. Can a student in this class make an origami crane (tsuru) in 20 seconds?
    (A student from one of the teams that say yes has to try.)
  8. Can a student in this class lose at janken (scissors-paper-stone)? (Try with a volunteer from the "yes" team. The trick is to produce your scissors/ paper/ stone one second early, so they have enough time to react subconsciously and win but not enough time to think about it and lose. I saw this on Japanese telly and it seems to work with most students, but maybe they're just humouring me...)
  9. Can a student in this class open their eyes for 10 seconds?
  10. Can a student in this class go around the room on their left leg?
  11. Can a student in this class hit the clock with a ball of paper?
  12. Can a anyone in this room juggle for one minute?

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