Celebrity Schedules

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school second year To have students practice the target phrase "...is going to...". "to" infinitive 50 mins 'Schedule' worksheets, envelope, character name cards.

Divide the class into groups (lunch groups are more manageable) and give each group one of the 'Schedule' worksheets. Have at least a dozen cards with the names of Japanese singers, athletes, movie stars and animation characters, which you have prepared before the lesson. If you don't know any names, ask the students to supply them for you at the beginning of the lesson, and write them on your cards as quickly and clearly as possible. Choose one student from each group to draw one of the cards from the envelope (a large manila one is ideal). That group must then write up a schedule for the celebrity (using 'is going to') whose name they drew. Encourage the students to be creative, and not to limit themselves to "Amuro Namie is going to eat breakfast"

Set a time limit of 15-20 minutes for this part of the exercise, and wander among the groups helping them wherever possible. Encourage the JTE to do likewise. At the end of the time have each group ask group #1 a question (e.g., "What's Cutie Honey going to do at 9:10 a.m. ?"). When each group has asked group #1 a question, switch to group #2's celebrity. Continue until each group has been quizzed about their celebrity or until the chimes sound, whichever comes first. In order to ensure that everyone is listening to the questions and answers, name a group (on a rotating basis) to translate the answer into Japanese. The worksheet provided was made specifically to target the use of 'to' infinitives at the end of sentences. Adapt it to suit your needs.

Teaching Tip

Use song lyrics which have key words blanked out, or replaced with bogus ones, to help build S/s listening skills. As S/s listen to the song, they fill in the missing words or circle the incorrect ones. Alternatively, get the S/s to fill out bingo grids from a list of words in the song, then cross them out as they hear them. Four words in any direction is a good size grid, and don't include a 'free' square.

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