Circle Race Game
Mel Brashaw

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
senior high school first year extra fun any 30 mins pre-prepared list of questions

I call this the circle race game. Divide the class into two teams. The ALT has one team and the JTE the other team. Next have the students arrange the desks into two large circles. The ALT stands in the middle of his/her circle and the JTE stands in the middle of his/her circle. Have all the students stand up. The idea is to ask every student one question. If the student can answer the question they can sit down. If they can't they have to stay standing up and wait their turn to be asked another question. The ALT/ JTE moves round their circles asking questions until everyone is sat down. The idea is that the two teams race against each other. I usually give the winning team a prize or a bag of sweets. We play three games of this which takes around 30 mins. (We let each team win one game each so the final game is more exciting.) It can be adapted to any level. I am at a low level high school so the kind of questions I ask are:

What did you eat for breakfast? or,
Where will you go on your next vacation?

Even these questions can be made harder by insisting on full sentences.

Be careful: Make sure that the ALT/ JTE are asking the same questions. I prepare the questions before the class and give the JTE a copy. Also, agree before the class whether you will accept one word answers or full sentences (as obviously one word answers are easier and quicker.) Finally, check that both teams have an equal number of people. If one team has fewer people then students may have to answer two questions before they can sit down.

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