Ed Edgar

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
senior high school Jump-start the economy by facilitating your students' transition to hollow, soul-less consumers. none 40 minutes TV, VCR, tape of commercials, big pieces of paper with product names, slogans, et

   This is a combination of two activities:
        i) Do something with TV commercials
        ii) The Wave Cards Around In The Air And Shout Game.

    Make a tape of TV commercials from your home country. On large pieces of card, write product names, types and slogans from the ads you've made. (Eg. One card would say "Nike". Another would say, "training shoes". Another would say "Just do it".) Make teams. Give each team half a dozen or so of your cards. Play the video. If a team sees or hears (or thinks they're about to see or hear) their slogan, name or whatever, they have to wave the card in the air and shout it out. If they're right, you take the card. The team with the least cards at the end wins. For extra competitive pressure, make two of each card and spread them among different teams. Only the first team to get each answer gets to get rid of their card.

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