Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school To practice reading, speaking, listening, and writing. any entire period Four large copies of a story - one on each wall.

10 sets of 4 'Task' cards (class of 40).

Have the students form groups of 4, and give each group a set of 'Scribe', 'Reporter', 'Discoverer' cards (each group member is to fill one of these functions), and a question sheet. The Scribe reads the first question, whereupon the Discoverers go to a copy of the story on the wall and find the answer. They memorize it, return to the Scribe and relate it to him/her, who then writes it down. The Reporter memorizes this answer and comes and tells you. While s/he is doing this, the Discoverers can continue in their function of finding answers to the Scribe's questions. To make the activity more competitive, and thus more fun, keep a tally of each team's progress on the blackboard.

Variation: (See A Bird In The Hand and Tell Me a Story)

Stick short sections of a short story at lots of different points around the room (or even outside it in the corridor or on the balcony): the Scribe remains seated and there are 3 Discoverers. They memorise the pieces of the story which are distributed at various localities, and report these back to the Scribe who must write them down in the correct order. One student from the group then comes to you and reads the story. Have the student read, then look up and speak; short phrases are OK, but discourage students from using just single words.

Teaching Tip

Whenever possible include a space for the students name and class on work sheets. After handing them out to the students, instruct them (in English unless they are 1st term first year) to, "Please write your name in English". For some reason, JTEs (even the best ones) always seem to forget this simple instruction, yet it ought not be ignored. After all, it is an English lesson. In those first few minutes when S/s' heads are bowed over their work sheet, walk around the class and check that they have in fact followed your instructions. Congratulate those who have, and simply erase the kanji of those who haven't and ask them to do it again by saying, "In English please". They'll soon get the idea.

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