Fast Food Cashier
Kirby Minor

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
senior high school 1st/ 2nd year dialogue practice money terms 15 mins (more with dialogue practice) Real money from your own country if you have it, calculator for the math impaired, copies of the menu for everyone

The class is divided into two teams. ALT/JTE are working as cashiers. Two members from 'Team A" come to the restaurant counter. U.S. currency (or whatever currency your country uses) is on the counter for the members to use. They may order from the menu anything they wish. The other members of their team also have a menu handout with prices (see below). After the students order, a member from their team that is sitting down must tell the cashier (ALT/JTE) the price. If they are correct they get a point. If they get it wrong "Team B" has a chance to say the price. If they are correct they get the point. The "Team A" members at the counter then give the cashier the money. We then announce how much they gave us and another member from 'Team A" must tell us how much change they get. If they are correct they get a point. If they are incorrect "Team B" has a chance to answer and get the point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.


SuperBurger $2.79 (quarter-pound beef with pickle/lettuce/tomato)
DoubleBurger $3.25 (two beef patties with pickle/lettuce/tomato)
KirbyDog $1.99 (12-inch hot dog on fresh bun with chili and relish)
cheese $ .20

Small $ .89
Large $1.39
Supersize $1.75

Soft Drinks (Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer)
Small $.89
Medium $.99
Large $1.29
Supersize $1.59

Apple Pie $1.49
Ice Cream $.99

TIPS: Make a banner menu if you can. Make a hat as a prop for yourself. Get into character. Take on some strange manurism and change your voice, students love this. When they order, scream the order behind you as if asking the cook to make it. I had real U.S. money but if you don't then make some funny money. Bring a calculator. Write a quick fast food dialogue for students to practice before playing this game.

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