Find Your Partner

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school To have every student actively communicating in English, while practicing ‚”ext-book grammar. Interrogatives or any 20 mins 20 pairs of information cards

This is a consolidation activity for questions such as: "What sport do you play?"; "Where do you play ___?"; "When do you play ___?". Give each student a card with a sport, place, and time on it. E.g.

The students must ask the target questions in order to find their match. They then go to either the JTE or the ALT and perform their dialogue again. This activity has proven surprisingly popular with students


in the park

after school

Hints and cautions:

* Give the students some listening practice by performing the dialogue with the JTE before having them commence it. Follow this up with a comprehension check (the JTEs province), and then chorused drilling of the questions.

* Make the exercise more interesting, challenging, and enjoyable by requiring the students to find groups of four, each having the same sport, place, and time. This assists the slower learners, who feel more comfortable if they can recite in unison with others.

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