Gokiburi (Cockroach)

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
senior high school Minimal pair revision. none 10 mins List of minimal pairs (e.g., rice/lice, light/right etc.).

This is a great way to review minimal pairs and keep students awake and aware on hot days, or to warm them up on cold ones. Assign each corner of the room a minimal pair word, include the walls as well if it's a big room. Thus, playing with corners only uses 2 minimal pairs, while incorporating the walls uses 4. Assign groups of students to each wall/corner initially, although where they proceed to from there is their own choice. You'll also need to label each corner/wall with an appropriate card.

When you call a word (e.g., face), all students from the corresponding wall or corner have to move (They look like cockroaches scurrying from the light; hence the name). While they are on the move they can be tagged 'it' and either have to join you in the middle of the room, or they replace you as 'it' and continue the procedure. Change the minimal pairs every two minutes.

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