How Does She Look?

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school second year to third year To practice, "How does s/he/it look?" "S/he/it looks ___". Adverbs 10 mins Lots of clippings of people from magazines from your country.

Each row / lunch group is a team. Have all the students stand. You simply ask the question, "How does s/he/it look?" and show them a picture. The first student to raise their hand may answer the question. If they answer correctly they may sit down. If not, the next student to raise their hand may try. If students are reticent in raising their hands select them via the use of 'Volunteer Cards' (numbers 1 - 40 on individual cards), or by throwing a soft object for them to catch (the student on their right/left/etc.). Continue in this vein, showing a different picture each time, until one entire team is sitting. These students are your winners.

To make this activity more challenging (harder), write each adverb on the board as it is used, and forbid the use of it again. Another variation is to let the student who answered the question, choose the next picture and ask, "How...?"

Teaching Tip

Don't be afraid to make your own lesson plans if your JTEs don't seem to have a spare moment. Such behaviour shows willingness, and even if they aren't keen on your ideas, they'll often try and accommodate some of them next time. You will also begin to understand the layout or structure of a lesson better, and thus be better prepared to teach one.

A word of warning. Some JTEs view ALTs as relief teachers, and will doze off at the back of the class if you let them. Whether you feel happy with this arrangement or not, your role is to ASSIST in a team teaching effort with the JTE, and this means joint planning of lessons as well as joint teaching. Don't allow yourself to be assigned the job of planning and teaching all team teaching lessons alone; whether you prefer it that way or not!

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