Inane Third Year Quiz
Rob Jones

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school grammar review relative clause 20 - 25 mins question list(s)

In my notebook where I write down class lessons plus comments about them (I highly recommend this by the way), I referred to this activity with the above name and it sorta stuck. It's more along the lines of a warm-up activity, though.

This is nothing revolutionary or anything like that. It's just a listening quiz. It's not even disguised as anything different. But the kids like it - probably due to the intellectual subject-matter I describe. What happens is that I describe something using the relative clause and the kids write down what they think I'm describing.

I've provided questions along with the answers in parentheses. Of the eight I've listed here, I usually only do about five or six in a given class.

  1. This is a bird that can swim. It is black and white. What is it? (penguin)
  2. This is a special day that has trees with presents under them. What is it? (Christmas)
  3. This is a TV talent. He is a man who looks like a monkey. Who is he? (Okamura from the comedy duo 99)
  4. They are old animation characters. They are a science ninja team that look like birds. Who are they? (Gatchaman)
  5. This is a man who wrote books. His face is on one thousand yen. Who is he? (Natsume Soseki)
  6. He is a TV talent. He is a man who eats dog food. His hair is very big and he wears nothing. Who is he? (Nasubi)
  7. This is a Japanese ghost. She is a woman who has no face. Who is she? (Nopperabo)
  8. This is a food that is in ramen. It is pink and white. What is it? (naruto)

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