Jigsaw Conversations
Andrew Taylor

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school general any 30 mins dialogue scripts cut up line-by-line and jumbled

  1. Write five topics of conversation on the board accompanied by pictures. 1st Year could be about playing sports, 2nd Year about what you did at the weekend and 3rd Year describing something or someone.
  2. With you JTE act out a conversation that corresponds to each in turn of the five pictures. It's probably best done twice.
  3. When you've finished all five, distribute scrips of the conversations to the students cut up line by line and jumbled up, all 5 mixed together. Have the students in groups and give each group a set.
  4. Groups then put the dialogue back together from what they remember you saying, being prompted by the picture, and, importantly, asking you.
  5. First group to complete the dialogues wins.

Example: (for 2nd year)

What did you do on Sunday?
I played tennis.
Who did you play tennis with?
I went with Ken.
Did you enjoy it?
Yes, very much.

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