Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
elementary school To consolidate listening memory for any group of nouns. none 20 mins A large, clean area (school gym).

Have the students remove their shoes to prevent bloodshed, then have them line up with their partner. The children then sit down so that the soles of their feet touch their partner's, forming the ladder. Stress that their legs must be firmly together and straight, otherwise you'll have more tears than the game is worth. Number (or letter, or name) off each pair of students, for example, from one to ten when you are playing with a group of 20 students. Then give a team name to each side of the ladder, such as the BANANAS and the MONSTERS. When you call out a random number (or name or...)the two students must stand up and race up the 'rungs' of the ladder as quickly as they can, run down the outside of the ladder, and then back up to their place and sit down. The first to reach their spot wins a point for their team. Have 2 or 3 numbers racing at the same time. If you are playing with a small group, don't use partners, but instead have the students lay down.

Teaching Tip

At lunch time, don't underestimate the shyness of the students, nor the difficulty they find using a second language. Ask them millions of questions, and really give them the opportunity to speak. You may think that you've had a dire lunch with monosyllabic answers, but things may be different from the S/s' viewpoint. Occasionally you'll get surprising feedback from your neighbours' friends who know little Yoshiro-in-16's parents; and Yoshiro said you were really nice and friendly, and lunch was great, and he wants to talk to you again.

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