Letters to penpals
Melissa Paulse

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school first year and above letter exchange any 10 mins per lesson? none

In each lesson, have students write a sentence (/some sentences) about themselves. Make sure it's neat! Keep handing their papers back to them, so their composition gets longer and longer. At the end of the school year, hand the papers back to the students and tell them to copy what they like into the form of a letter. (Let's Write 3). Mail these letters to students in your sister city, or try to find penpals from your home country.

Keeping the objective secret until the last lesson makes for a nice surprise. Students will feel good about their accomplishment!

	eg. 	[Lesson 1] Hello. My name is ______________. 
	 	[Lesson 2] My hometown is ______________.
		[Lesson 3] I am a ____________ fan. 
		[Lesson 4] Is ____________ popular in your country?

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