Miss Body
Tara Grove

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school second year extra fun body parts 15-20 mins. Cards with body parts drawn on.

1) On separate cards, draw and color various parts of the body. For most classes, 17 will be sufficient.
2) Write the words on cards of construction paper.
3) Draw and color a chest to which the body parts can be attached.

Class Procedure:
Before class, the ALT should attach the chest to the blackboard. (I labelled it "Miss Body", perhaps the counterpart of the victim in the board-game "Clue".

1) Hand each student a card -- each person gets either a word or a picture.

2) The students stand up and look for their partner. Once found, they go back to their seats, one person holding the matched pair. (Sometimes each student keeps his or her own card, which works fine for the next part of the activity.)

3) The ALT will then call out the names of the parts of the body (in English, or course) and the student(s) holding the corresponding name and picture will bring them to the front.

a) As each student comes forward, the ALT will attach only the pictures to the blackboard using magnets.

b) Hint: It's a lot easier if you call out the names from the top down -- ie. "hair, head, neck, arms..." etc.

c) I did save the parts of the face until last, since they are what makes "Miss Body" look like a real person.

4) Once the body is complete, the ALT will point to Miss Body's various parts and the students will (hopefully) call them out in English. Some classes need to repeat a few times before they can do it on their own.

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