Newspaper Information Search
Natalie Sellmer

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
High School/ Adult Class Familiarize students with an English newspaper format and how to search for information. none 20 min Old copies of "The Daily Yomiuri" newspape


  1. What it the name of the newspaper?
  2. What is the date on your newspaper?
  3. What is the price of the newspaper?
  4. What is the lead story in the newspaper?
  5. What is the exchange rate for the U.S. dollar ($) in your newspaper?
    \______/ U.S. $______
  6. What is the weather forecast for:
    Osaka _______
  7. What is the weather forecast for:
    Bangkok Low _____ High _____
    New York Low _____ High _____
  8. What page is the crossword puzzle on
  9. What time does the "Bilingual" news come on at on NHK 1?
  10. Find an NHL Hockey score. What were the team names?
    _______________ vs. ______________
  11. What was the final score of the games? _______ to _______.
  12. What page is the "Stock Exchange" found on?
  13. Find a price for a flight to
    Bangkok \______
    Honolulu \______
  14. What is the address for the offices of "The Daily Yomiuri"?
  15. What is the homepage address for "The Daily Yomiuri"?
  16. Does your newspaper have articles from another newspaper?
  17. What is the name of that newspaper?
  18. What city is that newspaper from?
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