Object Hop

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
easy senior high school Warm-up and review activity. none 15 mins 10-20 objects (or name cards).

You will need objects which relate to new vocabulary, or which review older vocabulary. If you can't scavenge the necessary objects, use cards with the objects drawn, or with the words written, on them (e.g., favourite is a difficult word to find an object for, or even to draw). This activity is simple to adapt for a variety of levels (e.g., fruit, months, season and weather words)

Before starting, review the names of the objects with the class in chorus. Then clear a space about 3 meters x 3 meters. Split the class into teams (how many depends on the time available), and assign a team scribe and team gatherer to each. The members of each team have to work together to alphabetise the items you have scattered on the floor and inform the scribe, who in turn must instruct the gatherer in which order the objects have to be picked up. Choose gatherers who are fairly robust, as they have to hop on one leg for thirty seconds to a minute while picking up an object. If the team functions well, there will be little time for the gatherer to rest between items.

Give points for any items picked up in sequence, and if you include a time limit, the competition can become intense.

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