Paperbag Drama
Kirby Minor

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
senior high school use English creatively none two periods various props in a bag

In a high school classroom

ALT(1), JTE (1), Students (6-9)

Make a drama about team teaching. Use all the props inside the bag. You must also use these words at least once: flower, horse, party, and shoe.

What happens at the beginning of class?
What are they teaching?
How do the students act? Happy? Bored? Crazy?
What does the ALT say to the JTE?
What does the JTE say to the ALT?
What is the English lesson?
How does the class end?

Your drama should last 3-5 minutes, include all the items in the bag, use the four words given in the instructions, and be creative. The best drama group wins a prize!

Notes: Feel free to change the props, words, setting, etc.

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