Price is Right
Glen Mathes

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
senior high school first year prices and money (good for an intro to a shopping lesson). numbers 15 mins. three or four common objects, money, paper and markers.

1. Introduce foreign money and credit cards to students. Passing around real money and credit cards is best. many of them have never touched foreign money and students don't have credit cards. (Word from the wise guy: Some students will think your Visa card is omiyage. Others will think a dollar smells good. No-one leaves the classroom until you get everything back.)

2. Game show time!

3. JTE selects five (or six) students to come to the front of the room and sit facting the class. Best if said in a loud game-show-like voice ("Taaaroouu Murakaamiiiii! Come on down!!") Give each of the students a big piece of paper and a marker.

4. Show the students a common object (a CD, a pair of tennis shoes, a can of Coke...) Tell the selected students to write down the price of the object in the ALT's home country in that country's currency.

5. Have each student hold up their guess and have all students read the prices. The closest guess under the actual price wins. Reward the winner by letting them go back to their seat.

6. Choose a new student to come to the front to fill the gap left by the winner. Show them another object and tell them to guess the price. Not only do students practice saying prices in English, they also learn about the price differences between the ALT's country and Japan.

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