Q. and A. Scraps

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school To have as many students speaking as much English as possible. Q. and A. forms 20 mins 80 scraps of paper; 2 per student. (Finally, a good use has been found for all

This is an excellent review game, perhaps at its most effective at the end of the year. Have every student write an interesting question on one scrap of paper. They are permitted to use their text books as a reference or for ideas. Allow 3-4 minutes for this. Next, demonstrate the activity with the JTE. Ask your JTE a question such as, "What is your telephone number?" (this is especially interesting to students if the JTE is of the opposite gender to yourself). The JTE answers, then asks you a different question. You answer, then both of you exchange your question slips and sign each others' 2nd scrap of paper. After this, the students must move on to a new partner and the cycle continues. Make sure the students understand that they must exchange questions, as this enables them to practice many different forms. When the time frame for this activity is filled, ask the students how many people they spoke to. Award a prize to the person who spoke to the most people (used stamp, sticker, etc.).

Hints and cautions:

* Tell the S/s that they shouldn't look at each others' question scraps they should listen to what they are being asked.

+ Make sure the S/s make eye contact with each other. If they must refer to their question scrap permit this, but have them try to 'Read, Look up and Speak'

Teaching Tip

Ask your office or school to procure some transparent OHP (OverHead Projector) sheets suitable for use with a photocopier (p/c). These are labelled 'OHP tB' (OHP film) on the box or envelope they come in. Use these to photocopy pictures of your family, country, native animals, games, or anything you want. All schools have at least one OHP, and most have several, however, few teachers bother to make use of them. Try to change this. OHPs are a very effective teaching tool. They focus the S/s' attention much like a video does, and they make your pictures easily visible to everyone in the class. DON'T use normal OHP cells in the p/c, as they will melt and cover the hot roller. This will make you unpopular.

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