Snakes and Ladders

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school to Adult grammar review any 10 - 50 mins 4-6 die (preferably with word numbers on - see template), place markers, question cards, OHP copy of game

Split the class into 4-6 groups and assign team names and place markers. Try to have place markers of the same shape as the teams' names. Designate a team captain for each group, order of turn for each team-member is to the captains' left. The first team begins by rolling the dice and having the JTE move their marker the corresponding distance on the board. If they land on a CHALLENGE square ((tick)), they must answer a question to stay on that square. If they cannot answer the question in 10 seconds, their marker is moved back whence it came. If they land on a BONUS square, they must answer a question to move forward the same distance again. If they cannot answer they stay where they are. If they land on the bottom of a ladder they must be able to answer the question, "Where are you?" with "We're at the bottom of a ladder" before they can climb the ladder. If they land on the head of a snake, they must be able to answer the question, "Where are you?" with, "We're at the top of a snake" or else slide down the snake. Of course, other questions can be substituted for these.

Alternatively, if a team/player lands on the bottom of a ladder they can climb to the top, but once there they must answer a question to remain. If they fail they must go back down. Landing on a snake's head, they must answer a question to remain there else they must slide down to the tail. Tell the students to listen carefully as they will have to answer the same questions as others. First team to finish, wins.

Hints and cautions:

+ Keep the pace moving. Tell the S/s they have a 5 - 10 second time limit in which to answer, and strictly adhere to it.

* Do not permit discussion between team members, except for slow learners. This is a review activity, and the S/s ought to know the material you're presenting. Such a restriction provides a powerful incentive to both perform well (for the team), and to listen to other S/s' answers.

+ Make the game more challenging by asking, "Where are you?" and having the S/s reply, "I'm at the top/bottom of a snake/ladder", or "I'm on a Challenge/Bonus square". If they can't answer, they must return to their prior position.

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