Squeaky Hammer Sentence Halves
Mel Brashaw

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
low-level senior high school extra fun any 25 mins Two squeaky hammers, genki students

Write half of a simple sentence on the blackboard.

eg. The car is...

Then on the other half of the blackboard write several possible endings to the sentence.

eg. blue, old, new.

Then get two students to stand at the front. Shout a sentence, eg. "The car is new". The first student to hit the correct ending with the squeaky hammer is the winner. (See also Fan Game)

Students seem to like it as it is quite easy and fun, and it can also be used in a variety of ways. Simply change the sentence.

I use this game at my visit school (which is an agricultural school). The students are genki but the English level is very low. The game would probably also work at a junior high school but it won't work if the students are not genki!

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