Joan Froelich

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
elementary school and above English with rhythm none 10 - 30 mins. none

Make groups. (6 to a team is fun.) Everyone picks an animal name. The group gets a basic rhythm, everyone tapping the desk twice, then clapping twice, then tapping and clapping. Slowly at first. The leader starts by calling out, while tapping, first their own name, then another player's name, selected randomly. (This can be used to practice any vocabulary - colors, numbers, anything. )

Example: The leader is a pig...

Pig: 	Pig,	pig 	-	cow,	cow	(then Cow becomes speaker...)
tap	tap		clap	clap

Cow:	Cow, 	cow	-	dog,	dog	(then Dog becomes speaker...)
tap	tap		clap	clap	

Dog:	Dog, 	dog	-	cat,	cat	(then Cat becomes speaker...)
tap	tap		clap	clap

Play until someone messes up, then they have to drink a beer. Oops! I mean, they have to sing the alphabet or tap their head while rubbing their tummy or whatever. Start playing again until it gets boring...

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