Time & Place

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school third year to Adult Consolidation or warm-up activity. "Have you ever been...?" 20 mins "Time and place" cards

Make map cards of Japan ( or your own country). write a city and time period on each card. Every card should have one matching card. Mix up the cards and pass them out, one to each student (and teachers). Students must use the following dialogue to find their partner:

A: "Have you ever been to .....................?"

B: "Yes, I have." / "No, I haven't. I have never been there."

(If the answer is "Yes")

A: "How long were you there?"

B: "For.........weeks/months/years."

When they find their partner they either report to the ALT or sit down, depending on your feelings and requirements . NO LOOKING at other people's cards, and NO JAPANESE !!!

Hints and cautions:

* Make some cards with the same city, but different time periods. This makes the activity more challenging.

* In a class with an odd number of students, include the JTE to even the numbers. The winners are the first three pairs of students to find each other. Avoid having losers.

* Change the dialogue as required.

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