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Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
junior high school second year To have students actively use comparatives and superlaties. Comparatives and Superlatives 40 to 50 mins Work sheets and 6 sentence cards.

In this activity, students have to find, memorise, and then teach 6 target sentences. They then must use the information to complete their worksheets. Have the students form lunch groups. If there are groups of more than 6, have a student move to a group of lesser numbers. While the JTE explains how to play, the ALT should affix the sentences to various places outside the classroom. Check this with your JTE first, and take care not to place a sentence where students could easily disturb other classes. An empty classroom next door is ideal, or simply up and down the corridor. Each team has two Runners, 1 Coach, 1 Recorder, and 2 (or 1 for groups of 5) Reporters. Draw a grid on the blackboard, and list the numbers 1 to 6 along the top and the names of the teams down the side (like the Rainforests layout).

At the beginning of the activity, the runners leave the room in search of the first sentence. The sentences need not be reported in order, but they must be left where they have been put. After the runners have found and memorised a sentence, they must teach it to the recorder, who writes it down and passes it to the coach who then teaches the reporter(s). When they think they have it right, the reporters go to the ALT and recite their sentence. If it is correct, that sentence is marked off on the grid (e.g. grid ref. 'Sexy Girls' team / #3). If they make a mistake they have to return to their coach and try again. When a team has completed all 6 sentences they are handed a worksheet to complete with the information they have just gathered. When they think they have the correct names and ages the students bring their sheet to the ALT or JTE for checking. If they've made an error simply tell them they have made an error (or two) with so and so, and have them do it again.

The 6 sentences are:

1) The tallest person is one year younger than Julie.;
2) The person with the longest dress is only 16.;
3) Sally's hair is longer than Mary's, but shorter than Julie's.;
4) Mary is one year older than Peter.;
5) Mike will be twenty on his next birthday.;
6) John has a nice tie and suit.

These can, of course, be changed to suit the grammar you wish to target.

Hints and cautions:

+ One teacher should remain outside with the S/s at all times to ensure that they remain their angelic selves. This teacher can also help with pronunciation of unknown words (e.g., suit).

+ Make a master sheet with the names and ages already on it for ready reference. Having one with the sentences on it too will make things easier for the ALT and prevent mix-ups.

* Writing each name on the board and spending a couple of minutes practicing them is beneficial.

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