There's a Zoo in The Loo

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
elementary school - junior high school first year to provide number listening practice, and help understand and practice "What is it", and answer, "It's a ___". "What is it?" 20 mins Pairs of work sheets

Have the students form pairs, and distribute the work sheets. If there is an odd number of students in the class, the ALT can make up the shortfall. Before giving out the sheets, explain that they are a secret, and not to be shown to the student's partners or friends.

Students take turns asking questions like, "Is there a penguin/monkey on the bed?", and replying, "No, there isn't. There isn't a penguin on the bed, there is a snake/monkey", or simply, "Yes, there is. There's a monkey on the bed". This questioning continues until the students have located all ten animals. At that time they can come to you, verbally present their findings, and receive an appropriate reward.

Teaching Tip

When you ask questions, address them to the class as a whole before homing in on particular S/s for an answer. If a question is directed towards an individual initially, the others have no reason to listen or form their own responses. It usually takes a while for S/s to answer a question, so be patient and give them time, If they appear to be in difficulty, repeat the question and give them a hint. E.g., "How old are you?" ..... "How old are you? I'm 518 years old. How old are YOU?" If all else fails, turn to their nearest neighbour and ask them to teach the answer to the S/s having difficulty by saying, "Please teach them." Try to avoid using the Japanese equivalent of "Oshiete kudasai".

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